Refinitiv, formerly the financial and risk business of Thomson Reuters, is a provider of financial markets data and infrastructure; whose goal is to tell a story through ambition to redefine finance and reimagine what's possible.

Using gathered material and foundational research, the challenge was to adjust the company's core values and ecosystems by equipping its' people and organizations to be more open, bold, focused, and connected.
Voya, an American financial, investment, and insurance company, introduces a new identity that aims to stand out against its' sister branch, Voya Financial, by delivering research-driven strategies and advisory services.

Based on a series of interview insights and customer feedback, the challenge was to create an identity that maintained the core values of the company and attained a broader audience that pushed the company forward to achieve its goals.
Human / Nature
Human / Nature is an assessment of our environment and the direction it is currently heading towards. In the last decade, many have argued that planet Earth is on the verge of another extinction, only this time, human activity has been a major contribution.

This book addresses topics such as overpopulation, in an attempt to exploit how human actions have been a leading cause of the rapid increase of endangered species. It's up to us to take action to restore our damaged ecosystem.
The National American History Museum, located in Washington D.C., emphasizes collecting, preserving, and displaying the heritage of the United States while introducing a new identity that makes visitors' experience more convenient.

This new rebrand combines technology and design by creating a structured typographic system and timeline that allows visitors to customize their walkthrough and visit a variety of different eras throughout American history.
Tabs is a bar-searching application that allows users to place and pick up beverages using smartphones. Users can search, customize, and place orders within the system, and will then pick up their orders when notified upon completion.

This platform is targeted toward individuals who enjoy a more social lifestyle and is designed to make the bar experience more convenient, by helping others avoid long lines and save additional time to spend with friends and family.
Vision Envision
Vision Envision is a retrospective exhibition based on Op art, whose artists are well known for using an abstract style of visual language as a means of giving the viewer an impression of movement, hidden images, and vibrating patterns.

The book is divided into two sections, however, one side cannot be read unless the book is flipped upside-down and vice versa; creating a physical illusion that demonstrates how patterns affect both the mind and eyes.
Alaska Air
Alaska Air, otherwise known as Alaska Airlines, provides its passengers with active transportation in North America, however, with more destinations now established, the emphasis for this identity targets the future of the company's navigation.

The new Alaska Air logo combines a compass icon with modern typography to create a more futuristic traveling experience, while the two blue colors focus on staying true to the brand's unique culture, heritage, and history.
Living Colour
Living Colour is a traditional rock band on the verge of making a comeback among the younger generation. To celebrate the band's newfound success, a custom-made album cover was designed to capture, maintain, and grow their audience further.

The primary theme for this album was created using calligraphy and hand-drawn lettering, as this art form is also trending upward in the design industry. This album aims to combine both these movements together as new music is set to be released.
Hi there, I'm William; a visual designer and award-winning multi-disciplinary artist creating impactful work for growing brands and businesses in Tokyo, Japan. Feel free to look around and get in touch to collaborate :)

08.2014 – 09.2017:
ArtCenter College of Design →
Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors in Graphic Design
Completed design education and bachelor programs in graphic design with a minor emphasis in photography. Received honors among peers through various internships, teachings, and mentorships.
Aug 2012 – May 2014:
Santa Monica College →
Courses in Graphic Design and Photography
Focused initial studies on graphic design, photography, and illustration work. Engaged in various classes and workshops to develop a portfolio worthy of transferring to a higher education design school.
Sep 2011 – May 2012:
California Institute of the Arts →
Courses in Graphic Design and Photography
Developed foundational tools and understanding of graphic design and photography. Attended multiple lectures and speaking events better to understand design as a business across multiple platforms.
05.2019 – Current:
Interbrand Japan →
Visual Designer - Designer
Supported team members in establishing new graphic identities for multiple clients in Japan. Assisted in developing design assets and brand guidelines for final execution, communication, and output.
02.2018 – 04.2019:
Interbrand →
Visual Designer - Associate
Collaborated with directors in creating brand identity guidelines for various projects and logos. Actively engaged in project workshops involving brand strategy, verbal messaging, and design direction.
11.2017 – 01.2018:
Saatchi & Saatchi →
Visual Designer - Freelance
Engaged in team meetings regarding design treatment and fine-tuning of client logos and brand assets. Led design direction in photo editing and retouching for numerous ad campaigns and applications.
09.2017 – 11.2017:
Media Arts Lab →
Visual Designer - Freelance
Cooperated in developing initial design layouts for a variety of campaigns and visual advertisements. Assisted creative directors with conceptual brainstorming for future events and upcoming products.
05.2015 – 09.2017:
ArtCenter College of Design →
Visual Designer - Assistant
Assisted in design courses for faculty including Petrula Vrontikis, Owen Gee, Bora Shin, Scarlit Bloome, Yo Santosa, Guillaume Wolf, Gerardo Herrera, Chesley Nassaney, Dan Hoy, Tracey Shiffman, and Seth Kaufman.
05.2016 – 08.2016:
Blind →
Visual Designer - Internship
Participated in weekly meetings regarding project ideas, brainstorming, and design direction. Presented solutions for projects heavily focused on internal research, logo development, and file execution.
02.2024 – Current:
iF Design Award →
Interbrand Japan
MCUD - Power of Unity (2024)
08.2014 – 09.2017:
Student Gallery →
ArtCenter College of Design
Human / Nature - Editorial (2017)
National American History Museum - Identity (2017)
Alaska Air - Identity (2016)
Living Colour - Calligraphy (2016)
Equinox – Packaging (2015)
Ultra Music Festival - Identity (2015)
Vision Envision – Editorial (2015)
Vortex - Packaging (2015)
08.2014 – 09.2017:
Design Matters →
ArtCenter College of Design
TEDxACCD - Pasadena, CA (2017)
Aquarium of the Pacific - Long Beach, CA (2015)
08.2014 – 09.2017:
School Scholarships →
ArtCenter College of Design
Continuing - Scholarship (2016)
Entering - Scholarship (2014)
Art & Creative Direction, Visual Identity, Look & Feel, Logo & Conceptual Development, Brand Guidelines, Typographic Systems, Print & Editorial Layouts, User Interface Design, Packaging Design, and Iconography.

Photography, Illustration, Painting, Carpentry, Sculpting, Lettering, Calligraphy, Bookbinding, and Screen Printing.

Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Workspace, Figma, Procreate, WordPress, and CapCut.
Apple, DoorDash, Facebook, Google, Infosys, Intuit, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Refinitiv, TEDx, Thomson Reuters, and Voya.
Epson, Fujitsu, GiGO, Honda, Idemitsu, Infiniti, Japan Games, JR East, JVA (Japan Volleyball Association), JLPGA (Japan Ladies Professional Golfers' Association), MCG (Mitsubishi Corporate Group), MCUD (Mitsubishi Corporation Urban Development), Mizuho, Nintendo, Panasonic Sports (Osaka Bluteon), Persol, Proterial, Team Japan, Tokugawa Roman, Toyota, and Vis.

© William Van Skaik

All Rights Reserved

© William Van Skaik
All Rights Reserved