As a professional designer, I tend to work on a range of projects. Below are some examples of my skill set, but please message me directly to access my full design portfolio with a deeper understanding of my thinking 💻

Refinitiv: A provider of financial data that introduces a series of infographics to position itself as a more innovative partner.

Voya: An investment company that aims to reach a broader target audience through the usage of minimal color and design.

Human / Nature: An assessment of our environment and damaged ecosystem; interpreted by typography and color usage.

National American History Museum: A historical exhibit that uses animated text to emphasize its collection of old artifacts.

Tabs: A mobile application created with the intent of saving time; by allowing users to order beverages with their smartphones.

Vision Envision: A retrospective exhibition of Op art that features black and white triangles as a new way to create illusions.

Alaska Air: An airline company that uses a new compass logo to help navigate aircraft employees with active transportation.

SpaceX: A manufacturing company that uses green dots as a way to position itself as a leader in spacecraft and colonization.

No Service Zone: A photographic narrative that uses images of the world to stimulate a desire to explore the outdoors.

Living Colour: An album cover that re-introduces an older band into the modern era using custom lettering and calligraphy.