Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be hard at times; however, I often get my best ideas when spending time away from the computer. Below is a list of activities and goals that I partake in when looking for inspiration offline 💪

Impossible List

On my thirtieth birthday, the phrase “life is short” had never been more clear. For the first time, I truly felt the harsh reality that life was limited.

The crazy part is that I still have so much life ahead, but it was up to me to capitalize and take advantage of the remaining time still I have.

This is why I created my very own impossible list.

Personal Development Growth

An impossible list, not a bucket list, is a personal list of experiences and challenges aimed to help achieve and exceed life goals, dreams, and expectations.

Similar to Joel Runyon, who created the world’s first impossible list, my list is designed to keep myself accountable by consistently trying new things and learning from them.

As a curious individual, picking up new hobbies and interests is completely normal, but constantly creating and crossing off new adventures requires taking action.

So if life really is short, then I plan to get the most out of it now and work towards a future in which I’ve accomplished as much as possible.

Here’s a closer look at what I have going on.

  • Fitness & Health:
  • Climb Mt. Fuji in Japan
  • Attempted (August 2022)
  • Completed
  • Complete a yoga teacher training
  • 200 RYT
  • Learn how to snowboard (January 2021)
  • Teach a beginner class
  • Learn how to spin fire (July 2021)
  • First performance (November 2022)
  • Fifth performance
  • Teach a beginner class
  • Learn the basics of acro yoga (July 2019)
  • First performance (December 2021)
  • Teach a beginner class (May 2022)
  • Non-assisted handstand
  • Learn some form of martial arts
  • Self-defense/protection class
  • Learn the basics of hip-hop (September 2016)
  • First performance (July 2017)
  • Teach a beginner class
  • Try maintaining a vegan diet (August 2021)
  • One year without meat (August 2022)

Fitness & Health:
Run and complete a 10-kilometer marathon
Alcohol, gym? running? best shape ever, abs
Flying first class
Run around the Yamanote train line at nighttime
Start surfing and learn to stand on my own (August 2023)

Life & Personal:
Adopt a golden retriever once I’m settled
Apply and get permanent residency in Japan
Buy a house in the suburbs of Tokyo (Kamakura)
Develop and publish a fantasy adventure book
Finish reading 1000 books and take active notes
Get a tattoo sleeve and various smaller ones
Graduate from ArtCenter College of Design (August 2017)
Learn to play a musical instrument (piano or guitar)
Live abroad in Japan for at least five years (April 2024)
Obtain a Japanese driver’s license (January 2021)
Practice riding motorbikes and attain a license
Professionally straighten and whiten my teeth
Self-publish an autobiography about my life in Japan
Study Japanese and pass the JLPT N5 level

Travel & Experience:
Go skydiving at least once with a friend (January 2017)
Explore my favorite country in each continent
Live on a tropical beach without wifi for a month
Rent a campervan and travel around Japan
Ride in a hot air balloon that overlooks nature
Solo backpack for a full year without working
Visit and explore all 47 prefectures in Japan

Career & Business:
Attend a business mastery event like Tony Robbins
Become self-sufficient and location-independent
Buy a new camera and learn Adobe Lightroom
Create a gallery exhibition featuring my artwork
Launch my design website, blog, and newsletter (April 2022)
Setup the GenkiWill website as a side project
Start a YouTube channel featuring my work
Start an apparel line using my art and calligraphy
Win a design award for impactful work (February 2024)
Write an e-book to share knowledge with others

Finance & Income:
Create five or more streams of passive income online
Invest a large sum of money into a promising business
Make at least $10,000/month for a full calendar year
Pay off the remaining $30,000 of student loans
Save at least $100,000 for future retirement funds

Final Takeaways

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been more interested in learning multiple skill sets at a minor level, rather than being a master at just one thing.

This list not only serves as a method to keep myself on track but also serves as a life journal that is constantly updating and changing as I grow.

There’s a lot more content I wanted to add, but sticking to the areas that have the biggest impact on my personal development proved more beneficial.

I recommend starting one if you’re also looking for a new challenge.

Speaking of challenges, I often read a book every month so feel free to browse through my bookshelf where I’ve put together a collection of my favorites.

Thanks for reading,