Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be hard at times; however, I often get my best ideas when spending time away from the computer. The hobbies listed below are some activities I take part in when looking for inspiration 💪

Traveling: Visiting a new country and embracing its culture tends to be my favorite thing to do while working remotely.

Exercising: I find movements such as yoga, hiking, and running, to be very helpful whenever I struggle with an art block.

Drawing: Putting pen to paper and playing with different mediums has always been a great way to let my mind drift around.

Photographing: Exploring new areas, capturing photos, and taking the time to edit them is a process I find very enjoyable.

Reading: I was never much of a reader, but now that it’s become a daily practice, I tend to look forward to starting a book.

Journaling: Writing everything down, such as creative ideas and logo sketches, is my preferred way to stay organized.

Musicing: I’m a complete beginner in the field of music, but I tend to enjoy playing guitar and piano whenever I have free time.

Cooking: There’s something about trying new recipes and cutting food that I move toward when in need of active meditation.