Hi there, I’m William; a creative content maker and multi-disciplinary artist who often finds himself sketching logos in his notebook or getting lost in the mountains. Feel free to read my personal story for more information 🎉

Brief Summary

First of all, my full name is William Van Skaik, but since everyone can’t seem to get my last name right, it’s probably easier to leave that part out.

For as long as I can remember, curiosity has always been my strongest asset.

From drawing cartoon characters as a kid to working and traveling abroad as an adult, my constant need to learn something new has never faded.


Design & Blogging Utensils

This curiosity led me to start blogging; where I began sharing creative ideas and lifestyle tips to inspire and motivate other creatives to take more action.

Not long after, I started building an audience as I continued to connect with other like-minded individuals online; all while maintaining a full-time job in Tokyo, Japan.

Feel free to check out a few articles to learn more.

Work Experience

As a creative individual, I’m constantly looking for new ways to express myself; which has opened the door to many working opportunities in my career.

Here’s a quick summary to spare you the over-detailed story.

I graduated high school and attended the California Institute of the Arts to study acting and theatre production.

2012 – 2014:
Within a year, I changed career paths by transferring to Santa Monica College to build my design portfolio and develop a foundational skillset.

2014 – 2017:
I then completed my design education at ArtCenter College of Design and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with Honors, in Graphic Design.

ArtCenter Graduation Show

During this time, I also interned at The Futur (a design firm in Santa Monica), launched my website (which was only used to display my portfolio back then), and was recognized by ArtCenter’s student gallery numerous times.

2017 – 2019:
Upon graduating, I began freelancing for various design firms before accepting a design position at Interbrand in New York.

2019 – Now:
Not long after, I applied to transfer to the Interbrand Japan office in Tokyo, where I’m currently based.

During this time, our design team was honored to be a part of multiple award-winning projects; such as a second-place runner-up for a RedDot award in 2021 (JLPGA) and a first-place winner for an iF Design award in 2024 (MCUD).

iF Design Award Certificate

Today, I’m continuing my work as a full-time Visual Designer; developing many more outstanding projects to be released soon.

During my free time, I consistently make the effort to research, produce, and update new content on my website; as I hope to grow my intended audience even more.

Final Takeaways

Curiosity is everywhere and I believe it’s healthy for creative individuals to balance their time equally on and off the computer.

If you’re interested in learning more about my work, then I’d be honored if you joined my weekly newsletter below.

Nothing crazy of course, I tend to share creative ideas and lifestyle tips to inspire and motivate other creatives to take more action.

Lastly, if you’d like to collaborate on a project or access my full design portfolio (some projects I’m not allowed to share online), then please send a message here.

Life is too short to do just one thing, so go out there and explore.

Thanks for reading,