I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some amazing design agencies throughout my career; leading to many opportunities to grow and network among peers. Below is a full breakdown of my current resume and features 🗒️

Work Experience

For the last two decades, I’ve been driven to work with multiple creative individuals to create award-winning projects for growing brands and businesses.

The following includes full-time, freelance, and internship experience.

Interbrand Breakthrough Brands

May 2019 – Current
Interbrand Japan – Tokyo, Japan
Visual Designer – Designer
Supported team members in establishing new graphic identities for multiple clients in Japan. Assisted in developing design assets and brand guidelines for final execution, communication, and output.

Feb 2018 – Apr 2019
Interbrand – New York, Manhattan
Visual Designer – Associate
Collaborated with directors in creating brand identity guidelines for various projects and logos. Actively engaged in project workshops involving brand strategy, verbal messaging, and design direction.

Dec 2017 – Jan 2018
Saatchi & Saatchi – Los Angeles, California
Visual Designer – Freelance
Engaged in team meetings regarding design treatment and fine-tuning of client logos and brand assets. Led design direction in photo editing and retouching for numerous ad campaigns and applications.

Oct 2017 – Dec 2017
Troika – Los Angeles, California
Visual Designer – Freelance
Incorporated design frames into sequential storyboarding for several ads, social media posts, and sports commercials. Communicated with editors and producers to keep projects on schedule before launch.

Sep 2017 – Oct 2017
Media Arts Lab – Santa Monica, California
Visual Designer – Freelance
Cooperated in developing initial design layouts for a variety of campaigns and visual advertisements. Assisted creative directors with conceptual brainstorming for future events and upcoming products.

May 2015 – Sep 2017
ArtCenter College of Design – Pasadena, California
Visual Designer – Assistant
Assisted in design courses for faculty including Petrula Vrontikis, Owen Gee, Bora Shin, Scarlit Bloome, Yo Santosa, Guillaume Wolf, Gerardo Herrera, Chesley Nassaney, Dan Hoy, Tracey Shiffman, and Seth Kaufman.

May 2016 – Aug 2016
Blind – Santa Monica, California
Visual Designer – Internship
Participated in weekly meetings regarding project ideas, brainstorming, and design direction. Presented solutions for projects heavily focused on internal research, logo development, and file execution.

Awards & Features

Every so often, I’m privileged to work with other creative individuals on projects that exceed expectations and are recognized by the design community.

I’m proud to share the projects below that have received this recognition.

iF Design Award Certificate

May 2019 – Current
iF Design Award – Interbrand Japan
MCUD: Power Of Unity – Winner (2024)
One of Japan’s leading real estate developers introduces a new visual system that aims to build brand awareness by using the simplicity of colored bars to bring together its people, values, and ideas.

Aug 2014 – Sep 2017
Student Gallery – ArtCenter College of Design
Human / Nature – Editorial (2017)
An overall assessment of our environment designed to exploit how human actions have been a leading cause in the rapid increase of endangered species and help guide a productive restoration process.

National American History Museum – Identity (2017)
A visual identity and communication system aimed to help visitors customize their experience by using a typographic interaction to guide their interests while attending the museum and other tours.

Alaska Air – Identity (2016)
An American airline company that introduces a new logo and identity system to aid passengers and employees with active transportation, navigation, and direction through current and future destinations.

Living Colour – Calligraphy (2016)
A custom-made album cover that aims to reintroduce a relatively older band into the modern era using hand-drawn lettering as a foundational element to catch the attention of a younger audience.

Vision Envision – Editorial (2015)
A retrospective exhibition based on Op art that uses optical illusions as an abstract style of visual language to help viewers experience how these artists trick the eyes and mind with their creative work.

Equinox – Packaging (2015)
A frozen grape wine that uses a new logo and packaging design to catch the attention of those interested in experiencing a fresh taste in alcohol backed by a strong design system aimed at growing the product.

Aug 2014 – Sep 2017
Design Matters – ArtCenter College of Design
TEDxACCD – Pasadena, CA (2017)
A student-led event, with the support of various staff and teachers, where a team of designers participated in establishing the third installment of “TEDx” at the ArtCenter College of Design main campus.

Aquarium of the Pacific – Long Beach, CA (2015)
A sponsored project involving multidisciplinary designers collaborating to increase awareness of marine devastation, ocean pollution, and animal endangerment through design solutions and brainstorming.

Aug 2014 – Sep 2017
Scholarships – ArtCenter College of Design
Entering – Scholarship (2014)
Received an entrance scholarship upon enrolling in school through strong portfolio presentations and growth potential. Expressed leadership skills and action-taking by volunteering to represent first-year students.

Continuing – Scholarship (2016)
Given an additional scholarship in my third year of school through various project features and recognition. Assisted in multiple design classes by mentoring younger students to develop and hone their skills.

Various Education

Like many individuals who go to college, knowing what career path to head toward is always a challenging task; which is why I decided to attend multiple schools.

I suppose you could say I’m always interested in learning something new.

ArtCenter Graduation Show

Aug 2014 – Sep 2017
ArtCenter College of Design – Pasadena, California
Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors in Graphic Design
Completed design education and bachelor programs in graphic design with a minor emphasis in photography. Received honors among peers through various internships, teachings, and mentorships.

Aug 2012 – May 2014
Santa Monica College – Santa Monica, California
Courses in Graphic Design and Photography
Focused initial studies on graphic design, photography, and illustration work. Engaged in various classes and workshops to develop a portfolio worthy of transferring to a higher education design school.

Sep 2011 – May 2012
California Institute of The Arts – Valencia, California
Courses in Graphic Design and Photography
Developed foundational tools and understanding of graphic design and photography. Attended multiple lectures and speaking events to better understand design as a business across multiple platforms.

final Takeaways

For as long as I can remember, creativity has been my strongest asset and has opened the door to many working opportunities.

There were times when I thought a career in finance or event planning was better suited for me, but ultimately deciding on design was a better direction.

I probably wouldn’t be working abroad if not for this decision.

Although it took me six years to finish my education, I’m pleased with my growth and happy with where my life is today.

Overall, my resume continues to evolve, but my lifestyle is where I like to talk about personal goals and expectations for the future.

Thanks for reading,