Work & Projects

As a professional designer, I tend to work on a wide range of projects. Below are some examples of my skillset, but please send a message to access my full design portfolio for a deeper understanding of my creative process 👨‍💻


Refinitiv is a provider of financial data and infrastructure; whose goal is to redefine finance by adjusting the compay’s core values and equipping its’ ecosystems to be more open, bold, focused, and connected.


Voya is a financial, investment, and insurance company that aims to stand out from its competition by attaining a broader audience through core values, customer satisfaction, and delivery of interview insights.

Human / Nature

Human / Nature is an assessment of our environment and addresses topics such as overpopulation in an attempt to exploit how human actions have been a leading cause of the rapid increase of endangered species.


The National American History Museum collects, preserves, and displays historical artifacts and looks to combine its heritage with modern technology to give visitors a more personal and unique experience.


Tabs is a bar-searching application that allows users to place and pick up beverages using their smartphones by helping them avoid long lines and save additional time to spend with others in their social circles.

Vision Envision

Vision Envision is a retrospective exhibition based on Op art, whose artists use an abstract style of visual language as a means of giving the viewer an impression of movement, hidden images, and vibrating patterns.

Alaska Air

Alaska Air, otherwise known as Alaska Airlines, provides its passengers with active transportation and aims to expand to new destinations as a way to offer their passengers with a more unique traveling experience.


SpaceX is the worlds leading spacecraft company with high hopes of one day colonizing Mars by testing modern science and technology as means of pushing the company forward to explore more worlds beyond.

No service Zone

No Service Zone is a photographic narrative that addresses the topic of escapism by presenting an opportunity to move away from the noisy world of today and drift towards an atmosphere filled with no service.


Artwork is a series of sketches and calligraphy that was put together to showcase creativity offline and by sharing other hobbies, interests, and passions through the development of personal projects off the computer.